Kevin Manovich


Background and Related Project Experience:


Mr. Kevin Manovich, founder and CEO of NexGen BroadBand LLC (“NGBB”), has over twenty-five years of experience in the computer and telecom network industries. 


As CEO of NGBB, he has expanded the fiber-optic footprint of the company to include state-wide networks within the following States: New York, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida and continues to expand into additional States (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, West Virginia and Pennsylvania) moving into 2016.  NGBB currently is starting FttH builds in El Paso, Texas and West Virginia (through Morgan Broadband LLC).


Mr. Manovich currently manages several companies related to technology, specifically fiber to the home providers.  Morgan Broadband LLC is currently focused on bring Gigabit Internet services to rural areas within the USA.

Prior to establishing NGBB, Mr. Manovich established an outstanding reputation in the Internet services arena as a Master Agent for several of the world’s leading Internet providers, due to his in-depth knowledge of the industry and his extensive contacts.   He has been a Master Agent for the telecommunications industry since 2009.

Before his move into the Internet services arena he was recognized as a top-level network design engineer, software services developer and systems engineer serving a number of Fortune 500 companies.  His skill set is extensive and includes network design, project management, process control and budgeting.  While residing in New York City for ten years, he expanded his personal skills into management of projects utilizing teams of 100 +/- which provided senior IT consulting services to major business and Government clients in the North American market and world-wide.


During his years in New York City, Mr. Manovich established strong relationships with many business leaders and technical specialists within a number of technology industries.  Mr. Manovich has served as a contract attorney for several high-profile clients and continues in consulting for intellectual property and contract law services.  In this regard, Mr. Manovich brings to his projects a wealth of experience and collaborative relationships so necessary for superior performance and high quality project results.


Mr. Manovich also is a partner in Dragon King Productions LLC and is General Manager, reviewing and drafting all business documents and setting general business practices within the company.