Vic Jiang


Vic Jiang is truly an artist of multiple and remarkable talents. With her brother Qi, Vic's passions for singing and dancing already shone through at the tender age of nine.The brother and sister team appeared in shows throughout China as youngsters with great acclaim.In 1998, Vic Jiang, while still an Arts Department student at the Salt Lake City Community College was involved in the large- scale American production "Touched by Angels." This original film received great support and her talent and intense participation was instrumental in naming her as one of the most outstanding young artists studying at this institution. 2002 saw young Ms. Jiang creating Great Pop Choreography for well over a thousand (1690 dance college students to be exact) for the "Crazy Broadway Show" in China's World Park. Over a period of several years the incredible dance event shown hundreds of times drew listening audience averages of over 6000 people per night! The press hailed Vic Jiang for her ability and exclaimed she had changed danced styles in China! The employment of such huge numbers of dancers was breathtaking and certainly a first, bringing dance to huge audiences of people and spreading the marvelous cultural art form to new heights. The show was a huge success and served as a pioneering achievement in the dance world.